Herzlich Willkommen beim
Partnerschaftskomitee Hillerse e.V.

Manchester - 23.5.17

We would like to express our concern and compassion with Great Britain and our English friends. Our thoughts are with the victims and their relatives.

After attacks, such as the one in Manchester, once again the importance of cooperation between people within the world, and especially within Europe becomes visible.

Radicalism, lack of acceptance of other opinions and intolerance to other cultures are consequences from ignorance, connected with fear, and show the importance of our work and commitment in the partnerships, the different exchanges and the resulting friendships.

The Europeanvalues must be brought closer to the young people in order to be able to decisively counter propaganda, as spread by organizations such as the Islamic State.

We fought hard for the right to free speech - and we do not allow to take it away.

Gastfamilien, die für den Jugendaustausch und/oder Familienaustausch Zimmer zur Verfügung stellen wollen,
können sich jederzeit bei uns melden unter komitee@hillerse.de